6-8pm Orinda Community Church will host a fundraiser which includes an Auction.  Our varsity Troubador choir will perform for 15 minutes
Day school news: Newton's Law, Olympians, Chinese dragons, Panthers basketball, stock markets, linear equations, the Scientific Revolution, Trail of Tears, Julius Caesar, and more
This past month around the day school: volume of shapes, Latin jokes and parables, ancient civilizations, hockey tournaments, polynomials, the Renaissance, Tom Sawyer, personal goals, chemistry, mi familia, and more.
Day school academic updates including: feudalism, Nat Turner, Ancient Greece, the living museum, Mark Twain, Telehistoria, mitosis, the Pythagoreean Theorem, and more, plus administrative happenings. 
This November the students have been indulging themselves into Huckleberry Finn and learning how to ask valuable and insightful questions. Alongside, they have been learning how to factor, preparing for a math quiz, creating free body diagrams to...
This Halloween it looks like the boys have decided to treat their teachers instead of tricking them. By studying hard, they have managed to achieve an average very close to a perfect score in Math, created their own verb charts in Spanish, embarked...