Our After School Choral Program

Pacific Boychoir does not require singers to have previous musical experience. In order to place singers in the appropriate group based on their skills, maturity, and readiness, we require* a placement interview (brief vocal assessment).

Following a short campus tour and observation of our choirs rehearsing, singers, and their parents will meet with one of our Music Directors. This meeting will allow us to determine a singer’s:

• range of voice
• ability to learn a simple tune
• ability to hear high and low pitches
• ability to match rhythmic patterns
• willingness to learn

Singers do not need to bring a prepared piece, and there is no fee for this meeting.  See a description of our choirs, and corresponding rehearsal times below. Grade levels listed are general guidelines.

Financial aid available based on need. Tuition is charged to cover a portion of the actual cost of the program.

*Singers interested in our Pre-K & Kindergarten music classes do not have a placement interview.



Sorella: Girls, ages 8-13
Tuesdays 4:15-6:15pm
Tuition: $185/month

Sorella means “sister” in Italian, and is PBA's female vocal ensemble for girls ages 8-13, now entering her second season.

Sorella girls learn about ease of healthy vocal production, breath, space, and beauty in tone. They sing in unison and up to three voice parts in a variety of styles. They are immersed in music theory and ear training, both in full rehearsals and in small-group work before and after rehearsals, to improve their musicianship and score-reading skills. They develop self-discipline, poise, and teamwork through a traditional choral rehearsal experience leading to proper performance etiquette through performances during the season. An overnight retreat, mid-year, helps them get to know each other better, and dive deeper into theory and other musical concepts. Sorella girls had their first summer camp experience this past July, where in addition to the focused vocal training they received, they played Orff instruments, with a focus on percussion, and made huge strides in their music theory training. Sorella girls look forward to more performance opportunities and continued growth in their ensemble this season.


Prelude Music Classes:  PreK and KG Boys
Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm
Tuition: $99/month

Prelude music classes are for boys ages 4-6 in preschool and kindergarten. This unique program offers fundamental music skills using games, symbols, toys, and instruments. It reinforces natural abilities with pitch and rhythm and fosters teamwork and following instructions. Classes are taught in an exciting and positive manner, allowing boys to explore and enjoy music, boosting intelligence, confidence, and future musical and educational growth. There is no formal placement interview for Prelude, though there is a cap on class size. We recommend attending a one-hour trial class.


Minstrels:  Beginning Boys, ~grades 1-3
Wednesdays 4:15-6pm
Tuition: $180/month

Minstrel choristers explore rhythm through patterns, movement, and playing Orff instruments. With a focus on learning teamwork and the basics of singing (good breathing, listening, and how to read music notes), they are exposed to a variety of musical styles and qualities of singing. We employ Kodály practices, extended warm-ups, vocal play, call-and-response, and both unison and small group singing. Minstrels perform twice a year and have the option of attending our daytime winter retreat and our summer music day camp, both held on campus.


Intermezzi: Intermediate Boys, ~grades 3-5
Wednesdays at 4:15-6:15pm
Tuition: $185/month 

Intermezzi choristers learn rhythm, solfege, good tone quality, diverse music, and singing in two or three voice parts. Intermezzi choristers perform a few times a year at local churches & retirement homes, and in our annual December and May concerts along with our other choirs. These choristers have the option of attending an overnight retreat in March, summer day camp in August, and, depending on vocal ability, attendance, and maturity, may be invited to a weekend tour to Monterey in June.


Cantori: Experienced Boy Trebles, ~grades 3-8
Mondays  and  Wednesdays at 4:30-6:15pm
Tuition: $245/month (includes retreat)

Trouveres: Advanced Boy Trebles, ~grades 5-8
Mondays  and  Wednesdays at 4:15-6:15pm
Tuition: $255/month (includes retreat)

Cantori, and their elite subset, Trouveres, are performance ensembles giving boys the opportunity to travel around the Bay Area and the United States. Their rehearsals are repertoire-intensive, where they sing in multiple voice parts and continue more advanced music-reading and ear training techniques. With the goal of being one of the best boychoirs in the United States, these choristers learn a more sophisticated repertoire and occasionally sing with the day school Troubadors in major performances with symphonies and on domestic tours. 


Changed Voices: Advanced Young Men, ~grades 7-12
Mondays 7:15-9:15pm 
Tuition: $240/month (includes retreat and voice lessons)

Changed Voices are a challenging, fast-paced performance choir comprised of young men, typically in high school, with lower voices, tenor, baritone, and bass. They sing in four to eight parts and learn to sight read and vocalize at a professional level. One of the finest high school-age, tenor and bass choirs, our Changed Voices choristers are typically alumni of the day school, or the elite after-school treble choir (some have been singing with the Pacific Boychoir Academy for 5 to 10 years), giving them experience and skills across their entire upper and lower registers and with a wealth of choral music. They typically rehearse and perform with the Soprano-Alto-Tenor-Bass concert and touring choirs and often participate in orchestral performances. Changed Voices choristers have the option of going on the international summer tour, overnight summer camp, and have fun on their winter retreat that is required, and highly anticipated.


Continuum: Elite Young Men, ~grades 9-12
Mondays 7:15-9:15pm  and  Wednesdays 7:00-9:00pm
Tuition: $265/month (includes retreat)

Continuum is a high school a cappella group as comfortable in the 16th Century as the 21st. This professional ensemble, many of them alumni of the day school, performs music ranging from sacred Renaissance motets to contemporary pop hits. The group performs annually throughout the San Francisco California Bay Area and internationally. They have recently released singles on iTunes, Spotify, and other popular music media sites, have been heard on the NBC television show “The Blacklist”, and have been top contenders in the national Harmony Sweepstakes. Follow Continuum a cappella on Facebook, YouTube, and learn more at PacificBoychoir.org/Continuum


Group Voice Class: Beginning choristers, ages 12+ (changed and unchanged voices)
Mondays 5:45-6:30pm
Tuition: $122.50/month (offered by semester)

Each semester new, incoming choristers that have had little or no previous choral training, will have the opportunity to be trained in a small group setting proper breathing and vocal production under the direction of renowned soprano soloist & vocal coach, Rita Lilly.  The experience is similar to private voice lessons (which are also available), but with a small group of peers, as a bridge to the ensemble experience. Students will study both solo and choral repertoire, using vocalises, breathing and posture exercises in preparation for placement in a choral ensemble suitable to their level of mastery.


Prelude: Carmen Trefil

Minstrels: Stella Brown

Intermezzi & Sorella: Natascha Bach

Intermezzi: Marcia Roy

Cantori & Trouveres: Steven Blum

Troubadors & Changed Voices: Andrew Brown & Marcia Roy

Continuum: Steven Blum

Voice Class/Private Lessons: Rita Lilly

Please complete the Placement Interview Form below